We are a creative production company based in Jeddah– Saudi Arabia. We provide an end to end production solution for our clients. With our own state-of-the-art performance capture studio, we bring our artistry to hundreds of commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, and infographic videos. In addition to our ability to deliver top quality at extremely competitive prices. Founded in 2016, CORNER OF ART is one of the largest and most influential production studios in Saudi Arabia.



What better way to keep you engaged in how we can serve you than through sharing with you our own partnership stories…

world luxury expo Jeddah 2017
SHARIK Top1000 stc STC Saudi Telecom Company‎
Not a mistake of history
Alrazaz Booth 2014
Naseej Booth Design
Medical Mode of Action Octenidine
MonaLisa Cancer
Medical Blood Poster
Dawzana Corp.
الشركة الوطنية للدواجن | National Poultry Company
Shahamh Media production
Carrefour Jordan
3D Interior Design
Corner of art up+
City from another world
Al Shahin Travel & Tourism Agency
Ketab Technology Booth Design
Jordan Telecom
Mouse Revenge Game
Seven Roses Hotel
Three Union
Medical Animation
Kayan Real Estate
Alrazaz Group Identity
Aqari 2
Aqari 3
Aqari عقاري 1


This is how we can partner with you, to serve you and your brand! Addressing all your needs to create your sound impact… we are your one-stop-shop for both our main services and all other services you may require, through the selective partnerships we have established only for you. We will efficiently cater to your diverse needs and requirements.

Corporate Profile

* Create Idea
* Storyboarding
* Script for business information
* Locations
* Logo Animation Introduction
* 3D Compositing and Animation
* VoiceOver
* Editing & Color Correction
* Stock Music


* Create Scenario and Storyboarding
* Days, shooting in Locations
* Cinematographer assistant
* Production Manager
* Assistant crew
* Using Camera
(5D Mark III or Blackmagic Camera, Alexa Camera)
* Full set lenses
* Led light
* Dolly Complete
* Crane
* Dji ronin
* Butterfly
* VoiceOver
* Sound Engineer
* Logo Animation
* VFX or 2D/3D Animation
* Editing & Color Correction


* 1 Minute and more
* Concept Development
* Script
* Storyboard
* Intro Logo Animation
* 2D Character Animation
* 2D Motion Animation
* VoiceOver (Optional)
* Editing & Color Correction
* Stock Music

3D Animation

Show your audience exactly what you want them to see. Our fresh perspective always looks for the right angle in storytelling and camera work, producing live action or animated beautiful short or corporate films for business and entertainment.

Commercial Ad

* Seconds – Based on Script
* Script
* Locations – Based on Script
* Actors – Based on Script
* VFX or 2D Animation
* Editing & Color Correction
* Original Composition


Use a holistic approach to communicating with your audience. We provide you with all the tools to do just that by making available all the services you will require adjacent to our main services.
We do: Brand Identity, Create full concepts, Website design, Script writing, Content Creation, Mobile apps: design & development, Advertising

  • Naseej
  • Umm Al Qura University
  • Alrazaz Group
  • Kayan
  • Seven Roses Hotel
  • Sorouh Media Production
  • switch med education
  • switch med education
  • Voidstudioz
  • Deem business solutions
  • Petras Magic Woodwork
  • jawad hamdan
  • risa hamdan
  • UrOrbit CMS Technology
  • World Hala Gas Station

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