About Me 🙂

I am Abdullah Alhourani a 3D artist with over 10 years of experience working with the games, feature films, animation, advertising campaign.

Over the past years, I have specialized in graphic designer for media production and architecture 3d design, and interior design, but I as had the opportunity to work in different areas I acquired wide experience as the character animator and create modeling inner parts of the human body with good knowledge of human anatomy.

Whether it is texturing using Mari, modeling in Maya/3ds Max/Cinema 4D, I am highly experienced and comfortable taking on either the whole production of a character or asset or working on individual aspects of the pipeline within a team.

[I am extremely self-critical of my work and am always happy to take on board criticism.]

I can work on my own initiative with little or no supervision. I can work quickly to a high standard and to challenging deadlines.

I am aware that to produce great work you must be willing to constantly adapt your work to an ever changing project. As well as my main skill set I have also had the opportunity to work in other respectable art fields such as environments and assets which I found to be an entirely different way of working, but useful for being able to approach my work with a variety of different methods and techniques.

Described as creative, dedicated, trustworthy and always eager to improve my own skills, I wish to be able to contribute to the creative and technical aspects of production seeking to deliver solid results working side by side with the best talents in the industry.

I apply in all my work the most advanced techniques, valuing all the creation process and making it a unique piece of art.

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